Taking journalism into the public’s hands

Journalism has always been an informational outlet of the world. It dominates our media and has blurred what we perceive as reality and fiction. Due to its institutional “business” orientated agendas, much of the information that is shared through journalism is typically tailored to interest a particular party. Things such as headlines, pictures, particular word choice, and sometimes even omission, all of these have been commonly used techniques in what we I like to call “Standard Journalism”

Nevertheless, a new form of journalism has began making it mark amongst the media. Participatory Journalism in basic terms is a new wave of journalism that entails a “guerilla” form of information sharing. Essentially it is the ability to take raw information/news and be able to mass-spread it to the public in its purist form.

With the rise and take over of the internet and social media, more people are taking out there phone and recording everything that is happening in the world. Participatory Journalist have the ability to stream live footage online without worrying about being censored or cut by any governmental agency. By the time this does happen most footage has been played and re-played by many. the ability for a video to go viral these days is as easy as tying a shoe.

What this means for the news companies and media outlets is that they need to be able to cover any news story with honesty and purity because if they don’t, there are many individuals that will. ¬†As a matter of fact, there are many example today of news outlets trying to beat bloggers and “journalist” to the story. Such was the case with the ISIS story about a month ago. The news about the issue was leaked all over twitter before and major news corporation had any idea of.

This is subject to opinion but, I believe that these type of battles over supremacy and story ownership has caused these news corporations such as the New York Times to publish unacceptable front covers such as the one with the beheading of James Foley.

Unfortunately, the inevitable saturation of news will always exist but now that the public has the power in their hands, the truth will be more accessible and easier to find.

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