Response to Mondays class

Commons Knowledge vs. Copyright

As we talked about in class, folksonomy falls under Commons Knowledge. Folksonomy can be defined as a user-generated system of classifying and organizing online content into different categories by the use of metadata such as electronic tags. Meanwhile taxonomy falls under Copyright. Taxonomy is defined as the process or system of describing the way in which different living things are related by putting them in groups. As we discussed in class Commons Knowledge is open for everyone. Everybody puts their input into a topic or event that’s taken place. It’s an open source for everyone and it allows people to experience different perspectives. The only problem is sometimes, when information is given, the facts aren’t always true. For example Wikipedia, not all sources from some of those documents are exactly true. Anybody can change anything on those pages. We saw that with the clip of Colbert changing information on Wikipedia and how he helped the elephant population increase. Copyright is more of a closed source and expert driven. Although the law of copyright infringement is usually being broken by people everyday. I know most of us download music from Spotify and SoundCloud, which has become a source of commons knowledge where people can freely download their favorite songs. The Internet has allowed us to easily obtain information that we need and seek. The Internet is free and open to everyone and it has made life easier in obtaining information faster and connecting people from all over the world. Because of this commons knowledge has developed and is becoming more accepted.

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