Commons Knowledge, Examples!

Lisa brings up a good point in her blog..

It is so easy to make a page on Facebook and create a content that is either true or false. This idea is very true with anything social media related. I can post a status about seeing a NFL player sitting on the subway reading a book and people most likely will believe that. But if I had a picture, I would post that on every social media platform, I had because I want to share what I experience with everyone else.

“However, this can be considered commons knowledge because you are collaborating to create content, and then sharing it.

information does not even have to be factual

People have the power to create pages for their favorite celebrities or even pages for shared likes or interests. This is a way to organize users on Facebook while still giving users the option to create content.”

Not only is Facebook a good example but an application called Tinder is as well. Tinder is NOT being monitored therefore MANY users lie, post pictures of ANYTHING, and write obscure bios. It can be constantly edited and those who are on Tinder can share information such as age, name, gender, and radius of where they are located! But the best part is that many people you do not know see this information because it is so public.

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