Commons Knowledge

Commons knowledge has definitely been in debate for a while because all individuals that are associated with writing, whether it is from being a college student writing a term paper, or an author of a book because they all don’t want to fall into the category of being sued because of copyright. The idea of commons knowledge can be seen as a scary situation because we all know certain information and we share a certain commons, which doesn’t mean that we are “copying” or can be accused of plagiarism depending on the circumstance. So when it comes to citing work, it can get a little sticky because we may think that we don’t need to cite our sources because the information is commonly known.

I find it pretty interesting that there are so many people in the world who share their location, post their pictures, and post statuses across many different media platforms and then are surprised when personal information gets leaked. I can honestly say that I’m not all that clear on folksonomies but I feel like it’s the “grouping” of information and this is very true when using hashtags. When an individual hashtags something they have to be aware that anybody in the world who is interested in whatever they hashtag can get access to whatever they post and or hashtag.

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