Commons Knowledge

With having access to so much information with the click of a button or the touch of a finger to a screen, commons knowledge is becoming widely known. Things that used to be classified to a certain class of people are now being open to anyone with access. The base of knowledge is then broadening and allowing us as a society to become more informed. But when is this information then regulated? If I write a paper I am then capable of plagiarizing¬†an entire document based on commons knowledge. With access to editing and changing information on sites based on ones own opinion, is anything factual or is it all a figment of our imagination? Tagging photos and checking in places has now become our basis of “living.” Nothing happens unless we post it to a social media platform and through these platforms our stories are being told for us. When creating forums and other blogs, we are sharing our knowledge and accepting or rejecting comments placed upon them. With Tumblr as an example, it is based solely off of user comments and public knowledge. The best posts on Tumblr are generated from more than one user placing their opinion on the subject. With our changing society, we the consumer are defining what we see as common knowledge and transforming that into hashtags and trending topics, taking away from the regulated sources of knowledge that are in fact copyrighted.

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