Microsoft Acquires Mojang for 2.5 billion

Mojang is best known for its best-selling PC game, Minecraft. Minecraft is an open-world sandbox game without a real objective and the opportunity for endless creativity. Since its inception in 2009, it has sold more than 16 million copies and is one of the best-selling PC games of all time.

What sets Minecraft apart from similar PC games is that it is coded entirely in Java. This means that its code is totally open-source and easily edited by almost anyone. There is an enormous modding community constantly making alterations and additions to the original game and releasing them to the public to download and play for free. All versions of Minecraft, from classic to 1.8, are available to players to play whenever they want.

Microsoft has bought the entirety of Mojang, and Minecraft along with it, for 2.5 billion USD. Players of Minecraft are concerned that this acquisition means that Microsoft will either alter Minecraft drastically as a game, or completely privatize its code-editing features. This would essentially prevent thousands of members of a community from making mods, which have long been an appeal to the game. It’s too early to tell whether or not Microsoft will leave Minecraft alone and do other things with Mojang.

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