Media activism and Nihilism and Decontextualization! (and more) Oh my!

I would argue most everyone is a media activist to a certain degree. I truly don’t think anyone, (ages 18 to 35), that has some form of social media has never taken an activist stance on something. Whether it be making a political status, commenting on an already-made political status, or simply liking a status, or post, almost everyone has shown activism in some sense. That being said, I try and stay away from this approach, simply because I do not want attention drawn to me in this light. To me, nothing good comes from taking an activistic stance via social media, specifically when it comes to politics. Congrats, maybe you’ll receive a few likes out of it, but it can do more harm than good.

Moving on, we stated in class that Nihilism, (you should have seen my first spelling attempt at this term… and I won The Benjamin School 5th grade spelling bee over Amar Aranachulam… check spelling), means that one believes nothing. “The rejection of all religious and moral principles, often in the belief that life is meaningless (Google). Honestly, I can’t grasp this concept in the slightest. Maybe it’s because I get way too fired up/excited about life. Regardless, this is a foreign concept to me, which I would love to explore further since it makes absolutely no sense to me.

Thirdly, we were told decontextualization is taking something out of context to make our own statement on it. When thinking of an example of this, I thought about what I said in class about “Individuality vs. Selfishness”. My spin on “Individuality vs. Selfishness” was far off from basically everyone else’s. I said, (paraphrasing myself), personally, I have become a more selfish person over the years based off of circumstance. In high school and the beginning of college, I cared about way too many people, who do not share that mutual feeling. So I have become more selfish in the sense that, I have quietly, cut people out of my life, for the sole purpose to focus more on me, and my well being/success. Rather, the class, (which I then realized was what you were trying to convey), stated that you need selfishness within individuality. Individuality is about oneself, therefore without even the littlest amount of selfishness, is not true individuality. So, I decontextualized “Individuality vs Selfishness” in class. I think…

I also found the component in class, “Anxiety with change” interesting. I think that’s a good thing. Whoever doesn’t feel anxious towards change is not human (scientifically proven..) Change is good, although I used to hate it. Then I went abroad, and now I love it. The world is ever-changing and progressing, and if you cannot keep up with it, then you will be left in the dust. We also stated that this anxiety has risen over the last twenty to thirty years. I think that is a result of technology. Technology makes people anxious. If your like-to-minute ration on Instagram isn’t good, well sh*t, that’s a problem! Have to delete it! (paraphrasing girls from my hometown). Whether it be social media anxiety (which is relatively new), or anxiety over different forms of technology, I do agree that this is certainly a real thing.

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