Tia’s perspective

Am I an activist? I can be an activist but I do not identify myself as one. My beliefs and values play a major role in my life and I will always fight for what I believe in. Activists who identify themselves as an activist will dedicate their lives to that life style. An example of a real activist is Sojourner Truth. She is a woman’s and civil rights activist. Truth was born into slavery and escaped to freedom. She dedicated her life to fighting for her rights and others by giving speeches about equal rights. She is most famous for her speech “Ain’t I a women” When using social media it is possible to come across people who strictly use their profiles to inform or spread awareness but there are also profiles that use social media for entertainment and only spread awareness if it is personally impacting the users life or something that they care about.

On a different spectrum, Nihilism is an interesting concept. It means that nothing matters; people use it as an excuse for acting in selfish ways. Is that what being rebellious is? I do believe that people have the right to rebel when necessary. However, if an individual choses to be rebellious for no appropriate reason then it is selfish because other individuals can be hurt in the process. In class we spoke about different ideas and weighed them into perspectives but I still have a never-ending explanation to most things we spoke about because everything alternates depending on the situation and circumstances.

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