My Response

My response is going off from the blogs that have been recently posted.
Tia’s perspective is sort of like mine, I do not dedicate myself to a certain lifestyle nor do I describe myself as an activist. I would have to say that I am definitely involved in social media. If someone post something, 75% of the time I will comment on that particular post and give my opinion. I follow a lot of my favorite celebrities and I interact with them when they post a picture on Instagram or Facebook.
However, I would have to disagree with Jack.
Activism is defined as the policy or action of using vigorous campaigning to bring about political or social change.
I do not engage in everything that is going on via social media. I read about it, I bring it up to my friends, but I am not campaigning just because I like a photo. I like countless photos, statuses, tweets, or whatever but I am definitely not an activist. For me, I get interested in something for about a week then the following week, I am interested in something else. It is so sad but I like NEW things. I am constantly on Twitter just to see what someone is tweeting about or what celebrity is in the latest scandal. I just simply use it for entertainment purposes.
But a great point that Jack brings up is “maybe you’ll receive a few likes out of it”.
That’s why I do what I do on social media. If it is not for the likes, I will NOT post it. I know that sounds crazy but if I post a really hip picture on Instagram and it doesn’t get the number I am aiming for, I delete it. I simply wait until I decide to post another picture and pray people will like it. I also like everyone’s picture on Instagram because I want to receive the same <3 on a picture I post. I do it so they know that I am a loyal follower and that someday I would want the favor in return.

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