Satire v. Taunting

During our class discussion we briefly discussed satire and taunting and whether there is really a difference between the two. We came to the conclusion that there is; however, there is a fine line where one often crosses to the other and warps itself into that. In most cases we see in modern media, things that were meant to be satirical often leads itself into taunting. The traditional sense of satire is to poke fun at a social, economic or political situation in order to reveal an underlying flaw. On the other hand, taunting is viewed as riduling something or someone for the sake of being mean and having no real justifiable reason. Examples of satire genre can be seen on TV such as The Daily Show, The Colbert Report or even animated shows like The Simpson where satire is often used in its comedy. There is an activist element to satire, in a loosely defined way. Satire is meant to expose a flaw that we perceive and to bring awareness to the flaw through a media platform. Whether its from TV shows or satirical political cartoons, there is a reason to illustrate the ugly truth and advocating that perspective through the use of humor.

In another vein I agree with Tia in her view that activist/ activism is different depending on the context it is put in. I believe that there is a spectrum to the type of activist a person is or can be. I view that activists as a person who advocates and strongly believes in a cause, trying to promote awareness to it. For example, someone can reblog, retweet, or even create a verbal discussion about it to people. Furthermore satire can be viewed as being part of activism is it is trying to create awareness to a situation but using humor to do so.

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