Hacking vs Trolling

We talked a little bit about hacking and trolling in class but not to a great extent so I wanted to look further into these two topics. They seem to go hand in hand but generally have two different approaches. I found an article that discusses trolling and the definition of trolling based on people that actually partake in the troll itself. Trolling can be described as an art for that is used on people that take themselves too seriously on the multiple internet platforms. I think that trolling to a certain extent becomes something horrible that people do. There are examples of people commenting on individuals topics, with the rise of cyber bullying, and the result of some comments is the lose of life to those people. People committing suicide over a comment one person thought was funny is a ridiculously sad thing that is happening in this world and it is more than just a figment of our imagination. The fact that these things actually happen takes trolling to a new level. It is all about people thinking before they post, not everyone processes things the same way.

On the other hand hacking sounds a lot more serious to me but I do not see it as being as bad as trolling. Through hacking individuals are accessing personal files and information that should not be accessed by outsiders. These files can then be used against people or for publicity, such as the recent iCloud hack of female celebrities images. I could personally be hacked and never find out about it so I find that if someone is trolling what I post and say on the internet to be more impactful on my life than whether or not someone takes my information. But is this only because I have nothing to hide or think that I have nothing? It could be because I am not a person of prominent status so I do not feel threatened. I personally just believe that trolling has gotten way out of hand and will only continue to rise as technology grows.

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