Producers and Consumers in social media

There are two types of people that are on social media. These people can either be consumers or producers of certain content on the internet, or social media networks. Producers like to show themselves in a positive light, exposing to their followers about their life, and how great it is. The reason why producers do this is to gain ‘likes,’ or more followers, or more views in order to keep their followers entertained and loyal to them. Producers seem to show only a part of their live to the world. Such as fashion bloggers: Fashion bloggers share what they are wearing while being in a setting that sets of a positive vibe for the follower. A lot of time and effort goes into being a producer in social media. Without the constant interest/ passion in keeping your followers interested, it is very easy to be ‘unfollowed’ or forgotten about.. consumers like to be updated.

Consumers on the other hand like to be updated on the producers life. Consumers could either be self-confident, or self-concious when they are viewing what the producers post. Someone self- confident will enjoy the content that is being posted, while a self-concious consumer will express feelings of jealousy or hatred. Usually a self-consious consumer will not produce much on social media, but they will be impacted by it.

Producers and consumers are both crucial for social media. Producers are marketing what they are trying to get the consumer to be more interested in, as consumers are always going to be impacted by what the producers content.


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