The Next Best Thing

The topic we discussed in class on Monday was very much thought provoking because it moved me to think about how I view different  Artist in the media, as well as how I participate in media. Today I feel like anyone who participates in social media and or the media in general, all want to be the next best thing. In my eyes media producers and consumers aren’t doing anything but competing in a popularly contest and this is very evident in fashion. Artist such as Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj shock us with their avaunt garde clothing so that news coverage will speak out about (shock value is key). In a sense this can be seen as a type of rebellion; breaking the status quo of how fashion is to be seen in the media. Dadaist have been doing this since the beginning by producing literature and art that would get their audience talking, or works that change they we people analyzed what they were seeing.

When it comes to my involvement with media I too fall victim of trying to be “popular”. I post things in the hopes of getting a lot of likes; and I’m not ashamed to say so because this is the digital era that I am being brought up in. We all have our own individuality when it comes to the content we post because not everyone is the same. This is a great thing in my eyes because we get work nowadays from so many different perspectives rather than one.

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