¡Mediated Mobilization!

Mediated Mobilization is using mobile media to mobilize people into one direction. A prime example of this is the tragedy of Trayvon Martin. I’m not going to go into the details of the case, because everyone knows the events and outcome, however, it was the movement during the trial which spread throughout the entire nation. The hashtag, #JusticeForTrayvon was everywhere. From tweets in support of Trayvon’s wrongful death with the subsequent hashtag, to pictures on Instagram of Trayvon with the same hashtag, or long, controversial Facebook statuses with the hashtag; it was everywhere. From social media the hashtag was then printed on shirts, sweatshirts, posters, and spray painted on walls. I distinctly remember going on every single social media site one day, and through each update/refresh of social media platform, the hashtag appeared. Issues of race played one of the more significant roles during this trial, and it was the media which brought that aspect to light. Additionally, the media covered multiple facets of this case.

Furthermore, we stated in class, “the larger the group, the more diluted the message”. I 110% agree with that statement, especially relating to this trial. The hashtag, #JusticeForTrayvon was in support of Trayvon and his family, for the wrongful death of their unarmed son. However, the looting and vandalism which transpired throughout the country subsequent to the outcome of the trial, tarnished what the rallying stood for. Instead of honoring Trayvon and his family subsequent to the outcome, the media showed people going ballistic in the streets, and ruining the true message. The bigger the group got, the more diluted the message got; which was to support, honor, and remember the unarmed boy walking peacefully.

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