Make A Change (Media Mobilization)

I think Media Mobilization is a great way to promote a positive look on the idea of conformity. The idea of conformity is normally seen in a negative light opposed to something positive, because the idea of people doing the same thing can be seen as un-original and or redundant. But the idea of conformity associated with Media Mobilization can be looked at from a more positive view. Media Mobilization is dominantly used for protest reasons, and for recruiting individuals to conform to a certain way of thinking. But then again others can argue that Media Mobilization can be used in a not so good way when it comes to protesting, because not all forms of protest are “good”.  Using mobile media to promote a certain idea or cause is always good in my eyes because everyone is different and everyone is always going to have something positive or negative to say about what you post, because you can’t please everybody. A great example of this is our discussions in class. I don’t think that anyone is wrong because I believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and you can totally agree to disagree with whomever. I believe the primary use of media mobilization is to raise awareness to a particular cause, and the word “protest” does not have to be associated with it at all.

A great example of media mobilization is actor and singer Demi Lovato raising awareness about texting while driving. The video below is a commercial of Demi Lovato being a spokesperson for AT&T regarding texting and driving.

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