Media Mobilization – Occupy Wall Street & Umbrella Revolution

Mediated Mobilization, as discussed in class, is the the using of media technology to mobilize large groups of people in one direction. We can often see this when people try to form protests and flash mobs. A prime example of a mass protest gathering through the use of social media is occupy wall street. Occupy wall street really gained popularity as it grew in the number of people attending. Most of them got the message through social media, which a prime factor is raising awareness for their beliefs. While the goal of Occupy Wall street is often muddled and really didn’t have a clear cut objective, many people believed in it’s motto which is “We’re the 99%”… that the rich keeps getting richer. While for the most part it was a peace full protest with people camping out in parks and protesting in front corporate buildings, especially on Wall Street, this is just on one of the many examples of how Social Media can insight a change in mentality. Occupy Wall Street is a example of media mobilization can bring positive change either literally or in regards to perspectives and activism. Another example of this that is happening right now is the “Umbrella Revolution” that is happening in Hong Kong right now. While there has a been even a stricter limit on the use of social media by the government, many people, especially students are finding ways to bypass the restriction and reaching out to outside media to get their stories across and uncover the veil that the government is trying to impose on the people. There was even a picture of the people in Hong Kong peacefully protesting at night by putting up their cellphones in the air, a sort of message saying that the government can’t shut them up and that they will let everyone know what they are fighting for.www.usnews.com

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