Mediated Mobilization

In the past we have discussed the ALS ice bucket challenge and I also agree that mediated mobilization was the only way that it was able to be addressed to individuals around the world. Through social media activists are able to get their opinions and words out to the world quickly but it also opens the door for individuals to unite against their cause in an even faster way. I use the ALS ice bucket challenge as an example for the fact of the popular meme’s that were created to oppose the dumping of ice water on ones head.

4926454 ALS ICE BUCKET CHALLENGES FUNNY MEME PICS 7Yvonne-Nelson-August-2014-ALS-Ice-Bucket-Challenge-BellaNaija.com-02

These meme’s which are supposed to be sarcastic and funny really hit hard when looking at the carelessness of the ice bucket challenge. Through dumping water on our heads, are we more knowledgable about ALS? Do we as individuals do such things because we care for the cause, or even understand what ALS is, or are we just reacting to mediated mobilization and following the bandwagon of what everyone else is doing.

Through the spread of popular “challenges” on the internet through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. We are coming together as a society but we are also becoming a society of followers. We are not leading in the way against the cause, we are not donating money to raise awareness of ALS, we are just dumping water on our heads. Yes raising the awareness of ALS to an entire population was reached but ask a group of individuals what ALS is. I bet they refer to it as ‘oh yeah they did the ice bucket challenge for that,’ but they have no idea what it actually stands for or what the ALS really is.

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