Mediated Mobilization – Hong Kong

The use of mobile media to set up events, meetings or any other need has been growing during these past few years exponentially since the immense growth of smartphones. Society is using social media to set up protests and share the news about the protests with the rest of the world in matter of seconds. A very recent example of this mobile mobilization is the ongoing protest in Hong Kong. Thousands of people are taking the streets in the heart of Hong Kong to claim their rights of free election in the elections of 2017, as Beijing wants to vet candidates to run in the future elections. Protesters see China trying to erode the “One Country, two systems” rubric in place in Hong Kong since 1997.

Social media has seen an overwhelming growth in tweets and posts speaking and supporting the protest. The hashtags #HongKong and #OccupyCentral have been used millions of times during the last few days. This has given the world a way to follow the news live. It has also given Hon Kong citizens a way to communicate better and faster. The revolution has been named as the “Umbrella Revolution” as umbrellas are being used for protection against pepper spray. #Umbrellarevolution

The Chinese government knows the power of social media and it’s consequences. This has lead the government to block Instagram in China in order to make the news flow slower and be less graphic. Messages and pictures supportingĀ the Hong Kong protest have been seen fromĀ over the world, giving the protesters wings to continue.

Mediated mobilizations is definitely something very positive that has given society the ability to move faster and fight for their rights as well as comfortable solution to their daily lives.

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