Mediated mobilization takes Ferguson

Yesterday the masses gathered together and united for a particular cause through the revolutionary television. today, the masses tweet about a viral issue and take action upon it. times have changed for better or worse. nevertheless the efficiency and hastiness of this new form of gathering people together has revolutionized the world. Mediated mobilization is prevalent in many examples such as the Ferguson protests that were sparked through social media.
In fact, the term ferguson was popularized and associated with the actual shooting through social media. all of the raw footage which included pictures and videos were first leaked through social media by the people was uploaded and supported through hashtags, likes, retweets/reposts, and followings.
Mediated mobilization was an integral reason why the ferguson protests generated so much attention and media coverage. The social media presence kept the story raw and uncut online. It disallowed the intervention of both the police departments and major news corporations. It allowed people to report multimedia content without any type of filter his is the core ideal form of mediated mobilization, the ability to practice participatory democracy without any interruption

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