A Collector’s Point Of View (Library/Cd Collection)

Unpacking my Library by Walter Benjamin, was an interesting read to me because it is completely different from the readings we have been doing in class so far. Benjamin speaks about his collection and what it means to collect from different perspectives and reasons. Some people collect just because it’s something that they like to do, or for memory; but he also touches on how a collector feels much more attached to his or collection when it is something that they themselves produced, it holds more meaning in a sense. Benjamin talks about how collectors can sometimes not even be interested in the content of a book, but its craftsmanship and he even goes on to say that out of the hundreds of books that he owns he’s probably only read about one tenth.

I feel like Unpacking my CD collection is more of a “dumbed down” version of unpacking my Library because this collector focusses more on the collecting aspect. When it comes to CD’s there’s not really much craftsmanship to be aware of. Unpacking my CD collection definitely a more modern way at looking at collection because I  feel like collects because it’s something that he likes to do rather than focus on all the detail involved with his CD’s. In the end I think that this collector wants to understand his collection of CD’s and MP3’s on the same level that Benjamin understood his book:

“I’m talking about my MP3s. And I wish to God old Walter Benjamin were alive to articulate the complex pleasures their presence on my hard drive gives me. I wish he were here to suggest what is really new about this new kind of collection, and what this new kind of collecting might have to say about the shape of our desires right now, right here, at modernity’s latest leading edge.”Point

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