Unpacking My Library RC

When reading Unpacking My Library by Benjamin Walter, I discovered something that I never really thought about before. That is possessing something that is yours physically (such as a book), that you own, but the information within the book is not just your own. The information you are obtaining is being obtained and gathered and analyzed and connected with someone else as well. Between the three essays with Monson, Dibbell, and Benjamin, collecting something is precious. For me, when I was younger, my CD and book collections were precious to me, because they were mine. They are what I accomplished reading or listened to and contained sentimental value.

I think that as culture and society is changing, we are the ones who get to choose whether we want to continue going through the experience of buying a CD, or using a walkman, or using a kindle or actual book. There is no right or wrong in our choices, but it seems now that people are choosing the more convenient choice. I think what is important is the pleasure that one feels with their own collection of things. Such as Benjamin. He takes pride and love in his collection and is reminded of that every time he looks or reads one of the books again. As for music, music is free no matter what. I have a lot of respect for artists, and they should earn money for something they are working hard for. But I do not think music should be limited to only buying it. You’re not JUST sharing your music for they money, you’re sharing it because it is something you love and you want your fans to love it purely as much as you do.

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