Response to stories

After reading the three readings, it made me think about my own experiences. I only bought one album in my whole life and after that I always downloaded music online for free. I remember having my mix CDs too. I used to make a lot of mix CDs because when ever my friends and I went to the park; we would have a stereo and have stacks of CDs next to it. We played the music while we were playing soccer or basketball. It would be annoying when the CD was over, one of us would have to go over and change it but when the iPod first came out, it made everything a lot easier. I stopped making CDs and to be honest I haven’t made one ever since. The iPod made everything so much easier. After reading the stories, I certainly agree with Dibbell since I couldn’t picture myself going back to the times in which in order to listen to many songs from different artists I had to have a mix CD to put on my discman or Walkman, or rather have different CDs in a case and listen to a song at a time from each one. However I do understand where the other two authors mean in a sense that when you actually get up and go to the store to get something that you wanted. It does provide an experience but since things changed, it has made everything a lot more easier for people to get what they wanted from their fingertips and I’m certainly for this.

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