The Process (Blog)

My research paper topic is Street Mobilization. I am focusing on failed and successful protests and also highlighting the question, “What does it take to be a true activist?” So far I have researched the Trayvon Martin case, Michael Brown case, The Hong Kong protest and the April 6th movement. I have found that each protests has similarities whether it is a positive or negative. Some protests are more media exposed then others but some protests are lead by strong activist who will never give up. This topic struck me as interesting because it focuses on the different ways we can perceive activism and how powerful it is. In the four genres we learn about mediated mobilization and I honestly do believe that street mobilization is the strongest form of mediated mobilization.

In class we spoke about our topics and I came to the understanding that broad topics are hard to narrow down even if we do have at least 12 pages to write this essay. I have decided that focusing on just protesting and its impact on the media will help me flush out a clear and cohesive response. I also plan to make a photo blog based on activist poetry for my semester project.

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