Research Paper Topic

My research paper topic is how participatory journalism in new media, specifically blogs and YouTube videos, are changing, and revolutionizing society today. The paper itself may posses more of an analysis tone, but I believe that will work towards the essence of the paper. The paper will be broken down into several facets. An overall history of the evolution of participatory journalism in new media. Subsequently, the rest of the paper will be broken down into blog and YouTube analysis. Within the blog analysis, will be the main components of a blog. Similarly, the YouTube analysis will be dissected into its parts, (channels, bias, evolution, technology, etc.)

My goal for this paper is to piece together a clear, and concise analysis on how blogs and YouTube influence participatory journalism, and give a solid history of both. By the end of the paper, the reader should have a thorough knowledge on participatory journalism, and have made opinions on whether they agree or disagree with the main points. However, this paper will be more factual than opinionated.

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