The Circle analysis

So far I like this book. Not only is it an intersting read, but it is an easy read as well. By easy read, I mean it is not hard to understand the words, which iobviously makes it easier to understand the storyline better. Mae is stepping out of her comfort zone by joining the Circle. She is used to having her information private, especially┬ámoments she feels certian moments are most persoanl to her. Her comapny feels the need to share literally everything in eachother lives, and that hiding it is a means of stealing. When Mae’s company realys this message to her, I got very annoyed. Although you cannot hide much over the internet and in our daily lives, memoeries, moments, and experiences that are personal to you do not have to be published to the world. Why does it have to be anyone else’s business? Other things that should be shared like necesarry inforamtion I understand. But not ALL things. To me, people who share every moment of their life are seeking attention. It is no a harm to post things going on in your life. But to feel the need to investage in someone else’s experiences that are irrelevent to your own life just doesnt not make sense.

Mae seems lost to me. She does not want to share all of these experiences that are personal to her to everyone.. but in order to fit in and make the best impression for her new job, she is willig to do so. This book relates to a lot of things going on in society today. Social media plays a large part in sharing experinces. Again, not a crime. But not everyone will post absoulutely every moment of their life. It would be too unsensable, and too irritating.

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