The Circle

After reading and discussing much of The Circle in class I have found that the main character Mae irritates me a bit. I also believe that she represents most people in our society today. One instance that sticks out to me most is the dating app section, in which she was upset about people knowing her personal information without asking her personally. This is a normal reaction to an event like that but then at the same time she turns it around on her ex boyfriend when she is searching his company and knows all about his good and bad reviews. It may not be in the same context but Mae thinks it is okay and does not understand why her ex gets upset when she reads him stuff she found on the internet, while he does not understand why she does not approach him on the topic instead of only reading it online. I think this is reflected a lot in todays culture. We all think we can say whatever we want, but that second that someone else says they saw something about us we build a wall and become defensive. Todays society allows gossip to happen but when it happens to one individual person they become threatened, like Mae did in the reading, and make a huge scene. We invade other peoples privacy without a second thought but then why are we so surprised when someone else invades ours. I like The Circle so far, and I am beginning to see the shift in Mae’s character, showing how exposure changes people. We all can think we would never let a job or someone else change who we are but one never knows until they are in that situation. Having ones whole life on display makes for that individual to shift into a person others would want to see, rather than the person they truly are.

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