The Circle

So far the book is very interesting to read, it’s an easy read. Mae is definitely stepping out of her comfort zone and by working in The Circle, she will see a lot of new things and have different experiences. At first, The Circle may seem to be like a cool place to work for. The Circle being a tech company that’s very successful reminds me kind of Google. Ultimately after reading more and more it just seems like a creepy place to work for. Yeah, it may be cool receive all of these cool perks, and to be working at a company with some high status may seem cool, but it isn’t worth giving up your rights to privacy. This definitely correlates with how people we know do and sometimes even us do this. Like Mae, why are we so surprised when someone else invades our privacy if sometimes we’re guilty of it too. I like The Circle so far, and I am beginning to see the shift in Mae’s character, showing how exposure can change people. I’m also starting to see Annie’s true colors. I didn’t like Annie from the beginning. I just always felt as if she was a shady person that would do whatever it takes to be better than you. That was my judgment of her at first and I was right as I kept reading. Her jealousy of Mae’s success is just sad. There’s a lot of invasion of other peoples’ privacy in this book and it interesting to see how some of these characters react to it but overall The Circle is very interesting to read

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