!The Circle!

In response to the circle I think that invasion of privacy should be illegal. Mae has given up her freedom and self-dignity by becoming transparent and I think that it is absolutely tragic. It is equivalent to suicide or death. People shouldn’t be treated like the Internet and that is what this book is suggesting. It is suggesting that people should be accessible the same way information put on the Internet is accessible. As the book develops we realize the change in relationships with Mae that happened right after she decided to become transparent. Her relationships that mean the most to her take a negative route. It is clear that Mae isn’t her self anymore.

The circle is an illusion of the Google Company. In a way it is a scary place because they believe everyone should be transparent but not only at work, they believe it should be a part of you wherever you may go. This book reminds me of how the government has access to individuals in more ways then we would actually expect. In book 2 there is a scene that explains how Mae’s transparent transformation works. Her viewers are able to zoom in to what she sees and actually have the ability to see certain details that Mae does not pay attention to. Mae is able to see how many viewers she has and the amount of hits she has received. It is almost like she is a twitter or facebook page. This bazaar life that has been created by Dave Eggers is mind blowing but it makes me not want to trust so easily.

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