My Research Paper

Paul Eisele


My research paper will be discussing the online culture of social media celebrities. These public figures had amassed a cult following based on charm and humor. They have surpassed the gatekeepers of traditional media by forging their own path to notoriety. In doing so, they have been able to create lucrative careers for themselves as online personalities. Yet, they mean little to the traditional fame-based media of Hollywood. By contrast, they have hundreds of thousands of followers and millions of subscribers on YouTube.  What are the criteria needed to have such success in the field of social media? What kinds of profiles flourish the most in terms of followers and notoriety? Among the articles I have found about internet celebrities, I am lucky enough to interview several personalities who were, in fact, the very base of this paper. They will shed invaluable insight on their own views as society’s newest it-thing. In addition, the perspectives of the boys will be compared on contrasted with the articles and findings of my research.

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