Research Paper- Medical Reports Manipulated By The Media

I have recently been faced with a harsh reality, and is that most of the media are “sponsored” or manipulated by large corporations. Sadly this means that the majority of information out there has been somehow adequate to the needs and demands of those who pay for their interests to appear in the front pages. It is really disturbing for me to know that some newspapers and other information sources, even manipulate health reports in order to get more readers in an article. The fact that the decisions that someone makes regarding their health can be deeply influenced by what some of these sources say, really worries me. That is why I decided to write my paper on how some media sources manipulate the information they get from scholarly medical journals and how it affects the perceptions certain people have regarding mental illnesses, obesity, cancer, HIV/AIDS, etc. For each scholarly journal that I’ve found, I will use a recent news article that exemplifies the manipulation of the media regarding health issues.

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