The Circle

After reading The Circle I can only relate it with Google and the ongoing path of non-privacy. This reading has made me develop some thoughts regarding privacy, rights and where are we headed to. Mae has completely turned into an open book to everyone, it may be cool to work in an incredible company and be at the top of the mountain but scarifying your privacy rights would never be a choice for me. Technology and advertisements, just as the government have turned our lives into opened files that many people are able to get in and seek information from us. We do have the right to keep certain secrets and not letting everyone get into our comfort zone, not only for how does it makes us feel but also for security.

The idea of getting more privacy over the Internet has been flying around these past few years because society is starting to getting knowledge and be concerned about their information. We don’t want people moving our critical information around, being able to edit and share it. We, the people, have rights that must be respected and the law must be changed as technology is moving to fast for courts. Action mad be taken.


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