Research Paper Presentation – Portrayal of Women in Ads

Last Thursday I presented my research topic on the portrayal of women in advertisements. I talked about the type of sources I had, how they will be implemented into my paper and the outline of the research paper as well. In regards to the outline of how I am constructing my paper, I’m diving it up into three major sections. The first section will review the history of advertisements and their portrayal off women in it. It will also go over the cultural side of it too. Detailing how ads often reflects society’s view on women roles. I noted that during my research, I have found a scholarly article that discussed the portrayal of women, specifically whether or not they are meant to be objectified, within ads during the 1990s to the 2000s. In this, it talks about how women in past decades were seen in more traditional roles, which changed in the 90s and mostly in the 2000s as they were featured in professional roles equivalent to that of males. Furthermore, it also indicates that while there is change in the depiction of women from traditional roles to that of professional, there is also an increase in nudity being shown in ads. Moreover, the second part of my paper will talk about the activism part of people going against the objectification of women in ads. This relates to culture jamming which I will discuss within the paper, as well as, individuals and organizations striving to gain signatures for petitions so that companies can state alongside their ads that their is Photoshop being used. This will then Segway into my third sub-topic which is the portrayal of women in ads and their reception by the public. I showed a video in class called Body Evolution on YouTube that show how photoshopping can drastically change someone’s appearance, especially within ads.

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