Research Paper

When going into my research paper I had a lot of ideas that had little connection. I knew I wanted to do something with the media’s portrayal of LGBT individuals but then I also wanted to do something cross cultural and with the way that the views of LGBT was influenced by media. After talking in class I think I have more concretely decided on focusing mainly on TV shows and their portrayal of LGBT communities and how that affects the lives of gay and lesbian individuals in real life. Coming from a small town and seeing the fear that people carry with them knowing that they are gay, I have first hand experienced¬†a way in which the media shifts not only the individuals perspective but also others stereotyping these individuals. This topic just hits close to home in the fact that when I came out I thought the whole world would hate me because that is what the media shows us. I think if I focus on major television shows and the way that they portray LGBT individuals and relate it to the effect of real life, I will be able to create a strong focused paper. Rather than the many ideas jumbled together like I had before. I want to focus on the positive and negative aftermath of these television shows because like I said before I come from a town where many gay individuals in my high school or surrounding area committed suicide because they felt like they did not belong and how society, and media stereotypes made them feel this way. There are many stereotypes placed on the LGBT community, many just because people cannot accept that gay and lesbian individuals are just like everyone else.

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