The Circle Pt 2

The circle verses the world WE live in have a lot in common.

I am a huge Scandal fan and I feel like everything that happens in that television show happens in real life. There are people out there like the characters in the series that have the access of all your personal information, classify documents, and the access to watch your living room or etc via mobile device. I also believe that the circle is one step further into making people disappear. This idea of going transparent can result into people coming up missing because of the idea of too much knowledge/ the idea of knowing everything. Scandal in a few episodes have the ability to access, troll, and hack peoples e-mail, bank account, and etc.

I believe that when someone creates a novel, tv series, or movie in regards of the government, internet, or the white house, I believe that something like that has occurred or is going too. Maybe not in the same format or setting but I believe that everything happens for a reason and if something is being created then it must be inspired by an occurring/reoccurring event

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