What is the Norm?

The Circle is a company that supports the invasion of privacy. They’re suspicious of individuals that hide their business from others because they believe we should all share information with one another, even if it is our personal information. Mae is a prime example of someone getting manipulated. It can be argued that the Circle is a representation of the United States’ federal government. There are cameras on the streets of New York that are claimed to be for our safety. Is it really for our safety, or is it to invade innocent citizen’s privacy? Today’s surveillance technology is scary. It is easy to track people’s every movement by using satellite technology and hacking techniques.

The Circle’s digital world does seem pretty bizarre, but it’s really not any different from our real digital world. The government paints a facade for society to make them think that they are safe and protected. People don’t really feel protected. Many people of all ages put covers on their webcams because they don’t feel safe. No one knows whom to trust anymore because so many lies are made up in order for the government to spy on their citizens without dealing with the potential civil unrest. This book has made me look at life from a completely new perspective. The major difference between real life and the Circle is that the Circle is open and honest with what they do and stand for. They aren’t afraid to let their people know that they’re being watched.

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