Research Paper

For my research paper I will be heavily discussing technological determinism. In my theories class, we touched upon this topic and our professor mentioned that eventually we become so attached to certain technologies that when a better technology is produced, we will reject old technology. I then brought up the question, “Since technological determinism is the idea of technology driving social structure, are we really ever going to reject the technologies that we use today since they are so heavily embedded into our culture?” Apple for example is a company that has provided us with technology that we can’t possibly imagine our lives without (ex: iPhones). During my presentation, I mentioned that many have said that we have already begun to reject a number of products from companies like Apple, for example, the iPod. I’m trying to argue that we are not “rejecting” the technology of an iPod, but were rather reintroduced to it in products like the iPhone. Through my research thus far, I’ve discovered that major companies like Apple, Google, Amazon, and Facebook (which I will be using as case studies) are just very good business strategist. They came up with the ingenious idea to reshape and reintroduce older technology and call it “new,” because they realize that people may not have realized that they are just looking at older technology. People like Steve Jobs didn’t invent the computer, email, or the MP3 player but rather combine all of these elements into one product (the iphone).

When it comes to technological determinism this leads me to wonder since we’re technically not producing any new technology, “Is society still experiencing sprouts of technological determinism, or is technology so embedded into our daily lives that our social structure or cultural values won’t change from what they are now? Have we reached our peak in social change through technology?” I’m hoping to answer these questions in my paper and hope to find some sort of pattern and perhaps predict the path that society is headed in terms of social structure and technology.

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