The Circle Ending

I found the ending of The Circle to be not surprising at all. Eggers doesn’t use a happy ending as a way to describe the path that our society is headed, which won’t be happy at all. When I think of a happy ending, I think of a conclusion, and in The Circle we haven’t seen a conclusion. Where is Mae headed? And what is going to happen to the likes of characters such as Annie? These and many other questions go unanswered, and I believe that Eggers is sending a clear message to us, amidst this new age of social media: that we, as much as we try to discover everything that there is to know about anything, still know nothing at all. There will always be questions left unanswered.

The ending of The Circle actually made me feel pretty uncomfortable. Even though Eggers creates a society that doesn’t exists, we can still find many parallels between our society and the dystopian society of The Circle. We know today that technology has created a change in values and that people have been forced to surrender their rights, such as the right to privacy. ¬†Even though we don’t have the misfortune of SeeChange in our daily lives, we have things like federal surveillance at the hands of the NSA. Even though most people argue that these are meant to ensure safety rather than a fear of loss of civil liberties, one thing is for sure: people cannot keep things to themselves.

This also leads me to wonder: who exactly is Eggers talking about? Is he talking about companies that have allowed social media to reach the pinnacle of integration of every day life? Or is he talking about centers of power such as the government? I really do believe that Eggers is talking about digital media and the social media takeover, but the issue of privacy and our use of technology has been an ongoing issue and has people questioning the government. What we can say is that perhaps the issue of privacy has stemmed from the actions of the government but has been fueled recently by this new age of digital and social media.


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