The Circle II

The Circle is a a book that could have easily been brought to live by real life experience. I don’t think that the author has ever been in this kind of situation, or knows someone that has but there is undoubtedly enough information all over the Internet to support this theory. The NSA for example, has been under de microscope this year for monitoring calls, computers, and mostly every kind of data from Americans and people around the world. The ability to do such things, the latest news from the group of hackers known as Anonymous, able to get into webpages and highly secured data from the government makes me believe that the possibility to become invisible, inexistent, or get a bad twist to your life by someone that has something against you can possibly happen.

Books, movies, shows, news, everything is based on something. This is a scary world, and it’s pointing into a bad direction as people are starting too much power, just as the government does. Power is not the main problem, the bad use of power is what concerns me, and excuse me, but I don’t trust the human being. Tremendous fights and security issues will continue to show up and in a more regular basis. People, brace yourself.

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