Circle – Real World Tech

In The Circle, the whole idea of transparency reminded somewhat of what is happening in today’s tech world. The use of having a camera with you to document what you do and later to be shared on sites like social media can be seen today with things like GoPro Cameras. I have seen people, especially in the city, walking around with a GoPro camera. For instance, I went to New York Comic Con this year and I saw a lot of people with GoPro cameras. I just saw them wondering around the con with their camera in their hand. I often got creeped out by this because I can be standing on line for something and I will see one pass by and record the people on the line just to show how long the line is, which they’ll pass the camera right in front of my face. Furthermore, while searching for an article on those cameras, I came upon one that talked about a new camera called Memoto and its a wearable camera that is used to be work a daily basis. This especially reminded me of the book, when the politicians decided to wear the cameras and go transparent, as well as, Mae. In addition, this article on Forbes that talks about Memoto, titled Kickstarter Hit Memoto Gets Ready To Ship Wearable, Life-Recording Cameras talks to the co-founder of the company, Oscar Kalmaru about using it and he “says he is surprised at how easily he has become accustomed to wearing it throughout the day. Other people he meets also get used to it quickly, he claims. In a meeting, someone might ask what the camera is, “and after a few minutes it’s all forgotten.” This shows the parallel to the world we live in and that of The Circle.

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