The Circle relating to our world

After reading the Circle, I really do believe that Eggers is talking about digital media and the social media takeover. He’s also addressing the issue of privacy and our use of technology, which has been an ongoing issue and has people questioning the government. What we can say is that the issue of privacy has become a reaction from the government’s own actions and has been fueled recently by this our age of digital and social media. I really do think that this book correlates with what goes on in our world. Even though his story isn’t something real that happened, it almost feels like this could one day happen. I do believe that things like this do go down on at least some daily basis. I do believe that we truly don’t have our own privacy.​ I also believe that we have people who do have too much of a responsibility of power. For example, what the government does with biometric technology. In a previous class we saw a video where street cameras that are now studying our movements and what we do. That to me just sounds crazy because what really is the need to gather information on what we do when we’re out and about or why they need to study our habits and movements. Technology as come a long way and has helped change our lives in how we do things now a days but we cant let new technology get the best of us. Privacy and security issues will continue to grow just as technology starts become more advanced.

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