The Death of Technological Determinism

After reading the circle it made me think a lot about how society is always excited for the next big thing to be announced or released. Apple users are so obsessed with iPhone and iPad, Android users are always waiting for the new and and improved android device year after year. Observing these things about our culture makes me wonder if one day we will be opposed to our technological break troughs? I feel like in order for us to rebel against newer technology being created,a company would in fact have to come out with something like The advanced technology in The Circle.

Google and Apple work very hard to tend to the needs of the consumers, but when will our needs diminish? Like stated above us as a society will stay on the bandwagon until we are under constant surveillance just like we see in the circle. So what’s important to me is; not the technology in our day in age that is similar to the technology in the circle, but our attitude and behavior and our constant need for something new that can drive us to having the same dystopia. The death of technological determinism is soon to come.


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