Semester Project 2014


My Semester Project is a personalized Instagram page that is dedicated solely to activism, poetry and protesting recognition. I decided to create this page because most people in this modern age rely on social media and social websites to help make a difference. Instagram is a popular site to help people stay connected with one another’s lives and interests. I thought it would be interesting to see what kind of people would follow my page and who would support a page like the one that I created. My semester paper was on street mobilization and the connection that it has with the digital age. Poetry is a unique way to voice someone’s opinion and it is a powerful work of art. This project can continue for as long as I let it, there really is no end because there will always be something to quote, post, recognize and share. I hope that my followers realize that this is more then a semester project, it is a new beginning to making a change and supporting those who are doing the same.

I enjoyed working on this project because I really just posted things at random times. It was a personal project because I posted real life experiences as they were happening to me or quotes that intrigued me as I was going about my daily routine. I named my page Theactvistpoet because it holds a strong power. It sounds extremely dominant and I believe that someone who does consider themselves as an activist poet can truly change lives and make a statement that will impact the world.

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By: Chatia Hill

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