Semester Project- For the Media

For my semester project, I wanted to conduct a series of interviews with students to ask them about their experiences with technology. I purposely chose to interview college students (or just younger people) because I believe that technology companies are targeting them. Even though my paper was about technological determinism, I didn’t ask any questions about it. I realized that my interviewees probably wouldn’t be familiar with the term and I didn’t want to influence any of their answers. However, what I did realize is that people were aware of social change through technology, they just never applied a term to it. I was mainly looking for the types of technology that are most popular, the most notable brands, and their overall experience with technology.

It was interesting to see the variety of answers that I received and no answer was the same. It seemed like every person had each dealt with technology in their own way and their definitions of technology differed. For example, one interviewee said that she considered different types of social media (ex: Facebook, Twitter) technology. Some interviewees made me realize that technology helps shape careers as well. For example, one interviewee is an aspiring filmmaker, and the technological improvements allow him to create films from his bedroom.

I do wish I had conducted interviews before I wrote my paper. In my paper, I wrote about Apple, Google, and Amazon, thinking that they were the dominant forces in the technological sphere. Even though they each cover a different sector of technology, I wish I could’ve used the answers provided by the interviews as a way to really connect with readers. I should of talked about the brands of technology that they considered to be the top brands.

All in all, I think this was a successful project and something that can be continued, and maybe I will continue to research this topic over the years.

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