Hybrid technologies

Hybrid technologies such as smart phones have made it easier and faster to get certain task done. However, it has created a lazy society where people do not want to put in the effort to maintain their relationships or get simple everyday tasks. People are too dependent on these devices that are glorified but can just as easily make an error as a human would. Smart Phones has definitely made people a lot more connected. People are distracted and not really living in the moment. On my way to my internship I take the public bus and people cannot even just sit in awkward silence with strangers. They will blast music on their phones or they suddenly have to text a thousand people at the same time. They have to be occupied with something that will help them avoid eye contact or making any sort of connection with someone. Technology has always had a positive connotation and has represented society moving forward and creating a better life for humans. However the world must realize that technology is destroying many of the natural aspects of our human lives and the way we perceive and interact other people. The moral idea that material things cannot bring us happiness is related in this situation. Our capitalistic society once again fixates on a material “innovation” that will suddenly resolve our issues and bring us true happiness. Smart phones or any device cannot be the source of our happiness, we find happiness within ourselves and in the connections we make with others.

This article in the New York Times explains how people check themselves into Tech free camps because they feel suffocated and addicted to their phones. People are beginning to realize that their lives cannot revolve around a computer.


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