Semester Project 2014 – War Propaganda

For my semester project I decided to create a a WordPress blogpost. During my intense digging over the Internet for war propaganda through many different wars I found many interesting things along the way. I would have never imagine to find so many curious information and shocking data.

In order to make the information easy to detect and see, I decided to omit the written articles that I found. Even though these articles were incredibly interesting, my blogpost focuses on pictures from WWII massacres, posters from WWI and WII, videos from the Vietnam and Gulf Wars and also radio recordings from WII.

I decided to look for radio recordings during the process of my research paper, even though I didn’t include them as it was a personal research driven by curiosity. These recordings will make you feel different things and make you understand how War was back then. How did people feel and what did they hear. Winston Churchill and Adolf Hitler will hit you with their incredible public speaking skills!

All in all, my semester project was very interesting for me and I did really enjoy doing my research paper and later on gathering all the relevant information I found along the way.

I hope you enjoy it!


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