Semester Project- Social Media, the epitome of networking

I did my semester project on different examples of how Social media has helped myself, and others network with other companies and connect with their followers. Networking is very important especially in ganing connections and leverage for more people to see your work. At first I was hesitant to blog about myself because it seemed a bit concieted (haha) but social media has had a big impact on my life and what I am doing with it now, and a key exmaple of how I experienced networking. I have had comapnies reach out to me through my instagram to promote their products, which get’s these companies more views, and hopefully more followers. I also wrote about an old co-worker of mine who has her own fashion blog, and has many different social media outlets to promote her blog and her own fashion that her followers can relate to.

Alyssa has 12k followers on her instagram page, and she told me she has gotten a lot of opprotinities with retial companies that also give her page more attention and followers as well. She has collaberated with companoes like Aeropostale which dress her in their clothing so that she can put it on her page for her followers to see. When they see Alyssa putting her own personal style into these clothing, they get curious and want to experience their own personal style in Aeropostales clothing as well. Alyssa has gained an immesnse amount of followers since these comapnies started to reach out to her,

Social media is an easy way for companies to find you and reach out to you in a more efficeient way. By promoting yourself, or a certian product, you are opening the door for anyone to see, and it just might be the right person to see.


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