Semester Project – Portrayal of Women in Video Games (Blog)

For my semester project I did a tumblr blog about the portrayal of women in recent popular video games. I got the idea from my research paper as I wrote about the portrayal of women in advertisements. Since I enjoy playing video games, I decided to do this, using Tumblr to talk about it. I included videos and articles, as well as, reblogging posts that deals with topic in some way. By reblogging I was hopping to gain some following through tagging/ hashtags. In addition, I did about two blog posts every week discussing different games. For my last two blog posts, which I haven’t posted up yet will be personal interviews done with people who play video games and their views on the portrayal of female characters within them. Overall, I think my semester project really speaks for itself given its format, as it is a blog. This is a hot topic in recent days, I hoped that this would help create some discussion on my blog.


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