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When I first heard my doctor say that I suffered from Depression, I freaked out. What was wrong with me? Was I going crazy? I was certainly misinformed; and asking Google and Wikipedia for answers didn’t help at all. They all mentioned things like SSRIs, suicide, withdrawal, relapse- all frightening terms. And that is why Thalamus was created. There’s so much information out there, but only a small portion useful to us, young adults, who have experienced mental disorders. So you ask, what is Thalamus? In biological terms, it is one of the parts of the brain that is affected by mental illnesses (yes, it is all about chemicals in the brain.) It is also now a platform to share something that I found really useful from experiencing Depression: Expressing myself. Using a picture, a video, an article, a book review, a graphic- anything and everything worked for my recovery; so I am hoping to inspire others to do the same, and help others on the way.

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