Semester Project

Recently I have been very interested in how and where people get their news. I covered this topic in my research paper, in which I talked about the vices of popular media subjectivity. While doing research I discovered that most of the population of the US uses a single source of information – TV, and one channel to get their news. Seeing as how these channels can be biased, it became apparent to me that such behavior produces a very skewed view of the world for these people. I brought examples of how such media bias could be used by anyone – governments or corporations interested, to distract the population from different events that would be of interest to them.

In the video I wanted to speak of why we should start using the internet as an information source more. It is not possible to receive the full news from television; it would require an amount of time and attention, going from channel to channel to hear all the opinions, which an average human in the modern world does not possess. The internet, on the other hand, allows us to find the information on the vents faster by simply typing the right keywords into a search engine. Blogs, forums, and the comments made by users allow for a multitude of opinions to be heard, while the additional information they provide, which might not be available on television or in an article gives us the advantage of knowing what really happened.

Unfortunately Manhattanville iMacs do not allow for high quality conversions and exports of MP4 files, so the quality of the video is much lower than I would have liked it to be.

Hope you enjoy it!

PS Shout out to my sister, Elene Beridze and her roommate and my friend, Mari Lomia for helping out

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