The History Books

In class we discussed about the Gate Keepers of journalism and how the one with the most power has the higher say of what can be reported as news. It’s an unfair system if you ask me but someone needs to make that final decision. Letting the people decide what’s news would be fair but unorganized since theirs so many people out their in the world and only so much space to fill with whatever is considered news. Also advertisers can have an influence as well if a story is about them so to save themselves they send threats to the news corp to not post it if they want to keep getting money from them.

We also mentioned in class how history books are kind of like another form of journalism. They report on past events that are important to know and have some stories that can also intrigue someone’s interest as well. But the one big correlation between history books and the news is that history books also had a form of Gate Keepers when making them. Just like in journalism, history books were made by the people with most power. A good example of this is if you ever check out a history book on any war, it’s alway portrayed by the winners of the battle never the losers and they tend to favor the winning side more as well. It was the winners who mades these history books we read today giving only one side to the story. Theirs an old expression by Winston S. Churchill that can sum up all this, “History is¬†written by the victors” which goes to show that even in books that are suppose to show us the truth behind the past can also have bias expects to it.

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